Finnish Children’s Day

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Finnish Children’s Day

21 / May / 2017   09:30 am    The Hague

“Suomalaisten Lasten Päivä (Finnish Children’s Day) is a day camp for 6-10 years old, Finnish speaking children living in The Netherlands. These day camps have been organized since 2014. The event was started by two Finnish women, Jaana Syrjä and Karla-Maria Toiviainen, both working in the field of education.

The Finnish Children’s Day gives an opportunity to the Finnish speaking children to meet each other and create friendships, speak Finnish, and learn new things about the Finnish culture and the daily life of Finnish children. We move, make music, do different arts and crafts, listen to stories (and make those), play Finnish games, read, eat Finnish food….

The next Suomalaisten Lasten Päivä will be organized on Sunday 21.5.2017 at 10.30-15.45 in The Hague. The theme of the day camp is Finland 100 years. We are happy to announce that Liisa Aholainen is joining in to our camp. Liisa is an artist and teacher, and will be making an art piece together with the children. This art piece will be available to borrow by the other ‘Finland 100’ related events in The Netherlands! Please contact us

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