The Finnish Women's Day

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The Finnish Women's Day

1 – 2 / April / 2017  09:30 am    Garderen

Welcome all Finnish women to the biggest event of the year!

This weekend event has been organized yearly since 1988 by non-profit Stichting Finnish Women's Day Netherlands.

The event gathers 90-140 Finnish women together, living in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Finland. We have more than 400 women following our mailing list.

The theme of this year's event is Finland 100 years’ celebration.

The weekend includes laugh, joy, old and new friends, lectures and workshops; sports, healthy lifestyle, handcrafts, career coaching, mindfulness, yoga, arts, music etc.

The Finnish Women’s Day is a great place to build your network; many businesses, projects and co-operations have been established in the inspiring atmosphere of the Finnish Women's Day.

It's also a place to meet people living in the same kind of situations and to get support from each other.

Saturday evening is going to be a big party. Dress up for the dinner (blue and white, Finland’s colours) and after that enjoy a perform of a legend of Finnish rock, the lead singer of the famous Dingo-band, Pertti Neuman.

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