VNF book: Finland 100 years

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VNF book: Finland 100 years

November / 2017   09:30 am   

Essays on history, society and culture; a book published by the Netherland-Finland society.

A hundred years ago, Finland declared itself independent. At last, the Finns could follow their own way, according to the famous nineteenth century wish: Swedes we no longer are, Russians we do not wish to become, so let us be Finns. What followed was a century of growing self-consciousness, in which the young republic experienced many moments of insecurity, but also periods of stabilisation, successful diplomacy and increasing wealth.

In this book, an initiative of the Netherlands-Finland Society in the framework of the Suomi Finland 100-celebration, these political, social and cultural developments are described.

The first part includes ten chapters each describing the highlights of successive decennia. The second part includes thematic chapters, dealing with Finnish-Dutch relationships, Finnish-Russian relationships, the Swedish speaking minority, the role and position of women, Dutchmen in Finland and Finnish art and culture.

The authors, nine Finns and four Dutchmen, active within Finnish-Dutch relationships, have, each in their own manner, explored the above-mentioned periods and themes. The book is bilingual, Finnish and Dutch, and will appear in November 2017.

This book forms part of the Dutch Suomi-Finland 100 programme.